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I research, write, present workshops, and build network infrastructure to increase the effectiveness of human rights and social justices activists around the world. Let's collaborate!

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New Project: Activism Help Desk

I and a couple of collaborators are developing an online community for organizers and activists. It would be a sort of “help desk” that connects experienced activists with folks who are new to activism, providing coaching and a peer learning community. If you feel like the help desk is something you would participate in, we’d like to interview you to… Read more →

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Website for a Seattle Poet on a Shoestring

Recently, Seattle poet Sarah Galvin (left) presented me with a communication challenge: create a professional online presence on a shoestring budget of about $30. While I was initially unsure if I could meet the challenge (hosting alone usually costs about $70 a year), Sarah and I were able to find a combination of platform + domain name + production that cost her… Read more →


You’re Invited: Communication Strategy Workshop

Next Friday I’ll be presenting a free communication strategy workshop at the new Impact Hub Bellevue based on the new quickstart communication strategy process that I posted yesterday. Topic: 90-Minute Guru – Communication Strategy Date: Friday, February 27th Time: 3:00pm – 4:30pm Location: 555 116th Ave NE, Suite 242, Bellevue, WA (map) Register: via Eventbrite The workshop, designed for small to medium-sized nonprofits,… Read more →

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The Quickstart Communication Strategy Method

Communicate Smarter, Not Harder You are already communicating. You might as well do it strategically. Organizations are communicating all the time.  Whenever staff describe their work in conversation, send an email, or post content on a website, they are communicating the organization. However, not all organizations are communicating strategically.  They are not conveying content in a way that persuades their audiences to take the actions… Read more →