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PETA in Detroit: When Bad News Sticks Around

For PETA, the ends often seem to justify the means.   The nonprofit previously used the sexual objectification of women to discourage the wearing of fur.  This past July they decided to use the desperate situation of Detroiters to promote veganism. PETA offered to pay the overdue water bills of ten Detroit families if they agreed to go vegan for a month.… Read more →

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Sen. Feinstein Uses Twitter to Shape #TortureReport Narrative

Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-California) did a great job using her Twitter account to rebut the CIA’s defense of enhanced interrogation techniques (EIT’s).  According to Policy Mic, Sen. Feinstein, whose Senate Select Committee on Intelligence wrote the report, rebutted CIA Director John Brennan’s comments in real time during a hearing today today: 500-page exec summary is small part of 6,700-page report. No cherry picking.… Read more →


Workshop: Communications Strategy in Lithuania

The staff really enjoyed working with Mary.  Everything was very easy but also very productive. – Sergey Votyegov, Executive Director, EHRN I’m proud of all my work, but I’m particularly proud of this two-day communications workshop I facilitated in Lithuania earlier this month.  The workshop was for Eurasian Harm Reduction Network (EHRN), which advocates for the the human rights of… Read more →

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Workshop: Media Advocacy in Macedonia

Here are some photos from a media advocacy training I led in Macedonia  for NGOs that defend Roma health rights.  The training was funded by the Open Society Foundations.  The agenda here (.doc format). Read more →