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An Impact Assessment of Advocacy Videos

Last month I created an assessment for an international foundation on the impact of their video grants.  The assessment (below) includes analysis and visualization of how 37 grantees used video in their advocacy work, and the effects of that use. For this project I first analyzed grantee self-reports on how they were using video.  I then developed a model comparing… Read more →

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How Donors Can Support Social Movements

In this qualitative research and analysis piece, created for a donor collaborative called the Transparency & Accountability Initiative, I found that the best way to support social movements is to fund close to the grassroot.  This means: Grassroots organizations can be identified by a range of indicators, all of which demonstrate that those directly affected by an injustice are empowered to change… Read more →

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Activism Campaign Components (Includes Cake)

Note: cross-posted from Meta-Activism.org An activism campaign is like a Choose Your Own Adventure where you know the social change goal you want to achieve, have control over your own actions, but have no control over how the external world will respond.  How can you make the best decisions possible, given this uncertainty?  You use the tools of theory of change, strategy,… Read more →

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Concord: Guest Commentator on The Exchange

Yesterday I was a guest on The Exchange, NHPR’s daily morning call-in show hosted by Laura Knoy. The other guests were Ethan Zuckerman, director of the MIT Center for Civic Media, and Deray McKesson, who has emerged as a media spokesperson for the Black Lives Matter movement.  The topic was digital activism.  From the show notes: As internet natives, brought up in the… Read more →