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I help you create, evaluate, and improve strategy so your activism or advocacy project will succeed. Let's talk about making you a more effective change-maker!

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A Basic Model for Strategy

For last week’s Design for Democracy event I prepared a simple model of strategic process. The fundamental aspects are goal-setting, planning, acting on the plan, and checking (evaluating) whether or not the actions in the plan are actually helping to achieve the goal. However, the “secret sauce” that links these four elements are just as important. In my session I had participants… Read more →

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Seattle Event: Design for Democracy

Next week I’ll be presenting at the Design for Democracy House of Learning, hosted by the Seattle chapter of American Institute of Graphic Artists. Here’s a description of my session: Designing Strategies that Work Many efforts to increase democracy and equity are driven by good intentions, yet lack the strategy to succeed. This session will present the 4 elements of the strategy cycle:… Read more →

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An Impact Assessment of Advocacy Videos

Last month I created an assessment for an international foundation on the impact of their video grants.  The assessment (below) includes analysis and visualization of how 37 grantees used video in their advocacy work, and the effects of that use. For this project I first analyzed grantee self-reports on how they were using video.  I then developed a model comparing… Read more →