Irvine: Campaign Press Outreach

Last weekend I conducted a training on Campaign Press Outreach and Advocacy Strategy at the annual conference of Universities Allied for Essential Medicines.  UAEM is an international student organization dedicated to ensuring that medical innovations developed in university labs are accessible to patients in developing countries.


The training session included the creation of a basic campaign plan (above), with key milestones and deadlines, created by training participants.   More photos are below:

UAEM Coordinating Committee members pose for a picture with keynote speaker Unni Karunakara, International President of Doctors Without Borders.

Doing my press outreach session in the glorious California Sunshine (the conference was at the University of Irvine).

Parsons Fellow Jen Matsumoto presents the campaign website she designed.

Students participate in a “spectrogram” activity at the beginning of the advocacy session. They were smart, committed, and global – a really special group.