Blogging Best Practices for Nonprofits

Activists blog to build community, both by sharing resources and by strengthening relationships.  Yet they also have limited time.  Using pre-existing formats can help activists blog faster since they don’t have to start with a blank page. These 9 types of blog posts below, which I developed for a training for the Eurasian Harm Reduction Network, can serve a variety of topics and causes.  The steps to their creation, as well as examples from some of the best nonprofit blogs, are included in the slideshow.

The Posts:

  1. The Pass-it-Along Post
  2. The “We’re Real People” Post
  3. The Community Appreciation Post
  4. The “Our Response” Post
  5. The Informative Listicle
  6. The Mobilization Post
  7. The Ignored News Story
  8. The Guest Post
  9. The Email Interview



Thanks to NOH8 Campaign, ONE, Surfrider Foundation, Greenpeace, Invisible People, Human Rights Campaign, The Nonprofit Technology Network, Beth Kanter, and Melissa Gira Grant for the great examples.

What are other types of blog posts that you’ve used time and again as a nonprofit blogger?