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Improv public speaking at Ignite Seattle in 2015  (video)

I’ve spent more than a decade working as a communication researcher, trainer, and participant in global activism, advocacy, and politics.  I use that expertise to coach others in achieving their visions for creating a better world.

Working for Activists…and the President

From Obama ’08 to the streets.


My desk at Obama headquarters in 2008

I protested with activists from the deserts of southern Morocco to Ferguson, Missouri and serving as New Media Operations Manager for Barack Obama’s first presidential campaign.

I know how institutions of power operate as well.  I’ve worked behind the scenes in the United States Congress and attended meetings on the United Nations Security Council while I was an intern with the United Nations Foundation in New York.

Background in Digital Activism

I have worked in activism innovation and digital media for 12 years.

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Posing with my newly-published book in 2010

I am the author of Digital Activism Decoded: The New Mechanics of Change, published in 2010.

At the University of Washington I co-founded the Digital Activism Research Project, based within the Department of Communication.  Our flagship project was the Global Digital Activism Data Set, a project I conceived of and managed.

Global Experience

I have trained activists and given public talks around the world.


Holding a training on video activism in India in 2009

Locations for these speaking events and workshops range from Lebanon, India, and Turkey to Chile, Spain, and The Philippines.  Topics have included:

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Breadth of Academic Training

I’ve studied diverse methods of change-making.  


Presenting on my digital activism research at the United States Institute of Peace in 2012

I am the co-founder of the Digital Activism Research Project at the University of Washington where my research was funded by the National Science Foundation and United States Institute of Peace.

In addition, my graduate work includes the study of:

At these institutions I studied the theory and practice of a range of social change methods, ranging from elite policy-making to direct action and persuasive communication.

Click to view my full academic credentials in my résumé or to learn more about my digital activism research.

A Trusted Advisor

I have been a consultant since 2006 and have worked with a range of clients.

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Working for my client Madeline on a project timeline in 2015.

Since beginning work as a consultant in 2006, my institutional clients have included:

In addition, my individual clients have included these amazing people.  Click to read my client endorsements.

Your Partner in Social Change

I’ll put my skills to use to help you achieve your social change vision.

Working with workshop participants in Croatia in 2015

Let’s talk.

You can contact me here or at contact AT maryjoyce DOT com.