Manual: Blog for a Cause! The Global Voices Guide to Blog Advocacy

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 3.53.54 PMI wrote this guide back in 2007 for Global Voices Advocacy and, despite the rather intense color-scheme, I am still really proud of it.

The guide explains how activists can use blogs to fight against injustice.  Because blogs are a quick and inexpensive way to create a presence on the Internet, disseminate information about a cause, and organize actions to lobby decision-makers, they remain important tools for independent activists and individuals with limited resources.

The goal of Blog for a Cause is twofold: to inform and to inspire.  The guide is designed to be accessible and practical, giving activists a number of easy-to-follow tips on how to use a blog to further their particular cause.  It also includes examples of successful advocacy blogs from such countries as Egypt, Guyana, Thailand, and the UK, and the guide is available in English, Spanish, French, Arabic, and Chinese.

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All versions of the guide are in PDF format.