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How Much #BigGood Does BECU Do?

As you know, my goal on this blog is to encourage individuals and companies to #DoBigGood. But what if you are a company that already does #BigGood? You ask the next reasonable question: how much? Founded in 1935 by 18 Boeing employees as a mutual aid society, Boeing Employees’ Credit Union (BECU) does an incredible amount of good in the community. In… Read more →


Coding Dojo Shows How to #DoBigGood in Tech

A New Kind of Tech Culture When you think of the tech industry you probably think of dynamism and innovation. Unfortunately, you might also think of tax avoidance, monopoly, discrimination, “brogrammer” culture, and IPO’s that makes a few super-rich while displacing many others. But tech doesn’t have to be that way.  Tech companies can do good while also doing well. Coding Dojo is a… Read more →