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Seattle: Conceptualizing the Benefits of Activism

I’m spending some time in graduate school this year to get my master’s degree in communication. Slides for a talk I’ll be giving tomorrow at the International Communication Association Pre-Conference on Qualitative Political Communication Research are below.  In the talk I present research on conceptualizing the benefits of activism Contention Beyond Social Movements: Activism and its Benefits from Mary Joyce Read more →


Santiago: How Digital Media Changes Civil Society

Here I am at the Open Government Partnership regional meeting in Santiago, Chile, getting ready to talk about how digital technology is transforming civil society. The Open Government Partnership is a new multilateralinitiative that aims to secure concrete commitments from governments to promote transparency, empower citizens, fight corruption, and harness new technologies to strengthen governance.   This particular meeting included participants… Read more →


Barcelona: How the Internet Increases Empathy

The following is re-posted and translated from Agence France Presse. The original can be found at   Barcelona, June 4 (AFP). – Mary Joyce, digital activism expert and founder of the organization The Meta-Activism Project, said today at the Global Congress in Barcelona BDigital that “the era of the ‘culture of competition’ is running in favor of the ‘culture… Read more →


Austin: Beyond Cyber-Optimism and Pessimism

Last week I attended SXSW, a mammoth festival of music, film, and social media that takes place in Austin, Texas, each spring. At SXSW Interactive (“south-by” to those in the know) I spoke on the panel Internet Power: After Cyber-Optimism and Pessimism with Patrick Meier of Ushahidi, Richard Boly of the Department of State’s eDiplomacy office, and Chris Bronk of… Read more →


Oslo: Using Social Media to Combat Extremism

Last summer Norway suffered a terror attack that struck at the heart of multiculturalism. Today I gave a keynote address at the annual conference of the Contact Committee for Immigrants and the Authorities (KIM) and decided to use that opportunity to discuss ways in which social media can be used to fight back against extremism and intolerance (slides below).  Social… Read more →