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Client Success: Thriving in a New Leadership Role

Client Vision Alix Dunn sees a future in which activists receive relevant support for technology use, when they need it most. Client Result Starting Point:  Alix, a social entrepreneur in the data and tech space, was transitioning from working as co-director of her NGO, the engine room, to being a solo executive director. Consultation:  Through a series of phone calls, I helped… Read more →


Client Success: LANORA Software to Help Nonprofits Use Data

Client Vision Mike Amegashie sees a future in which nonprofits create greater impact by effectively using data to improve their results and demonstrate those results to stakeholders. Client Result Starting Point:  Mike, a civic tech entrepreneur, had made great progress in developing LANORA, a software tool that allows nonprofits to collect data and track outcomes.   Yet he was having trouble recruiting users to test early versions and give… Read more →

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Client Success: “Disabled for a Day” Advances

Client Vision Crystal Liston sees a future in which all candidates for public office in the US participate in Disabled for a Day. Client Result Starting Point:  Crystal, a disabilities activist, wanted candidates to spend a day with a disability to increase their empathy with disabled constituents, yet she hadn’t taken action to make that happen. Consultation:  I facilitated a 1-hour Vision-Roadmap-Action meeting… Read more →