Helping a Nonprofit Streamline its Commmunication Processes

The Everyday Work of Communication Strategy

Strategy is a goal and a plan for how to get there.  Though strategy starts big-picture, it is implemented through day-to-day work.  For example,  if a communication strategy calls for the frequent creation of Facebook or blog posts, an organization may need to create a process for that new content.

I’ve been working with the Eurasian Harm Reduction Network (EHRN) since 2012 to support their communication strategy as they advocate for the human rights of drug users.  Recently I helped them create a set of flowcharts visualizing their internal processes for creating five key communication products:

  1. Press releases
  2. Facebook posts
  3. Blog posts
  4. Listserv emails
  5. Website news releases

The flowcharts are displayed below with permission of EHRN.

Nonprofit Communication Processes by marycjoyce

Creating the Flowcharts: A Collaborative Process

To create these flowchart I worked with Inga, their Communications Manager, to first identify all EHRN’s communication products and then determine which products were most important to map, based on the frequency of creation and the complexity of the process.

We then used post-it notes to map the current process for creating each product.  We then made small changes to the processes to make each more efficient and I created the flowchart visualizations.

Finally, Inga got buy-in for the new communication processes by getting feedback from other staff at her monthly communication meeting.   Edited versions of the flowcharts were then distributed to all staff members for reference.