How Much #BigGood Does BECU Do?

As you know, my goal on this blog is to encourage individuals and companies to #DoBigGood.

But what if you are a company that already does #BigGood?

You ask the next reasonable question: how much?

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BECU’s 2016 People Helping People Awards

Founded in 1935 by 18 Boeing employees as a mutual aid society, Boeing Employees’ Credit Union (BECU) does an incredible amount of good in the community.

In 2015 they:

  • Gave away $2 million in scholarships
  • Held financial literacy classes in 21 schools
  • Gave over $500K in matching grants
  • Gave out over $300K to local nonprofits through events like People Helping People
  • Support their employees in volunteering over 12K hours

These are big numbers, but they only tell part of the story.  They are only the tip of the “impact iceberg.”  Because beneath each number are even more stories of impact.

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Carol Ackley, BECU volunteer

For example:

  • One People Helping People honoree, Peak7 Adventures, helps marginalized youth take mountain-climbing trips.  How many mountains were scaled because of BECU’s gift?
  • One BECU volunteer, Carol Ackley, helped Second Harvest collect 1,200 pounds of food during her day of volunteering.  What is the true impact of the other 12,570 BECU volunteer hours?
  • BECU employees frequently sit on nonprofit boards.  What is the cumulative impact of this boardroom work?

I hope to work with BECU to measure the true impact of the #BigGood they already do.   My goal in doing this work is both to give them a better picture of the true positive impact they are making – which is probably larger than they realize – and to encourage other companies to follow suit.

images:author & BECU