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The Visionary’s Path

Sometimes I’m too wordy by half. Here’s a quick visual summary of how I take my clients from vision to practical next steps.  It’s a one-on-one consultative process that often takes as little as an hour. More details on this process are available here. First Comes Vision Picture of the Future that you want to achieve Motivation that lights an enduring fire… Read more →

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How to Move from Vision to Action

Your vision for social change is big and bold and beautiful. It isn’t rational or logical, it’s emotional.  It’s a picture of the future that lights a fire in your heart and inspires you to move forward. How do you get from that big vision to practical action? My coaching method involves two core elements to move clients from vision to… Read more →


Client Success: LANORA Software to Help Nonprofits Use Data

Client Vision Mike Amegashie sees a future in which nonprofits create greater impact by effectively using data to improve their results and demonstrate those results to stakeholders. Client Result Starting Point:  Mike, a civic tech entrepreneur, had made great progress in developing LANORA, a software tool that allows nonprofits to collect data and track outcomes.   Yet he was having trouble recruiting users to test early versions and give… Read more →

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Client Success: “Disabled for a Day” Advances

Client Vision Crystal Liston sees a future in which all candidates for public office in the US participate in Disabled for a Day. Client Result Starting Point:  Crystal, a disabilities activist, wanted candidates to spend a day with a disability to increase their empathy with disabled constituents, yet she hadn’t taken action to make that happen. Consultation:  I facilitated a 1-hour Vision-Roadmap-Action meeting… Read more →

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How to Clarify Your Vision for Change

Imagine this: Going through family papers one day you find that there is a small piece of land once owned by a distant relative that is now yours.  After the initial shock, you become curious.  You decide to visit the property. It is close to where you live, so you decide to drive. You exit the city center, pass the outer residential… Read more →

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Communication Strategy for Change-Makers

Is Your Communication Helping Your Cause? Activists communicate to persuade their audiences to act. Learn if your communication is getting you closer to your social change goal with this easy 7-step checklist. Know the Basics of Activist Communication Strategy Here are the basics of strategic communication for activists: Goal: Know what you want to achieve. Audience: Know who you need to persuade.… Read more →

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A Basic Model for Strategy

For last week’s Design for Democracy event I prepared a simple model of strategic process. The fundamental aspects are goal-setting, planning, acting on the plan, and checking (evaluating) whether or not the actions in the plan are actually helping to achieve the goal. However, the “secret sauce” that links these four elements are just as important. In my session I had participants… Read more →

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Seattle Event: Design for Democracy

Next week I’ll be presenting at the Design for Democracy House of Learning, hosted by the Seattle chapter of American Institute of Graphic Artists. Here’s a description of my session: Designing Strategies that Work Many efforts to increase democracy and equity are driven by good intentions, yet lack the strategy to succeed. This session will present the 4 elements of the strategy cycle:… Read more →

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An Impact Assessment of Advocacy Videos

Last month I created an assessment for an international foundation on the impact of their video grants.  The assessment (below) includes analysis and visualization of how 37 grantees used video in their advocacy work, and the effects of that use. For this project I first analyzed grantee self-reports on how they were using video.  I then developed a model comparing… Read more →