Research Report: Digital Activism Survey Report

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 4.24.49 PMThis report, co-written with Kate Brodock and Timo Zaeck in 2009 for the (now defunct) Research@DigiActive project is the first attempt to collect international demographic data on the new group we call “digital activists”.  Key findings on the sample of 122 survey responses include the following:

  • Gender: Outside North America, male respondents outnumbered female respondents by a margin of 7 to 3. If this gap holds true for digital activists in general, this further challenges the gender-neutral identity of technology.
  • Platforms: Social networks are the most common “gateway drug” into digital activism.
  • Economics: Digital activists, particularly in developing countries, are much more likely than the population at large to pay a monthly subscription fee to have Internet at home, to be able to afford a high-speed connection, and to work in a white-collar job where Internet is also available.  In short, digital activists are likely to be prosperous.

Click here to download the guide (PDF format).