“The advice you gave us has served us in greater ways and made our path steady…. A simple email conversation with you clarified our approach and validated our thinking….”

– Coaching client (USA), May 2016


“Mary is an amazing strategist.  She helps groups communicate strategically to advance advocacy goals.   She is also a brilliant trainer on topics such as creating a social media presence [and] developing a campaign….  She is hardworking, dedicated, and patient, and it’s a sheer pleasure to work with her.”

– Foundation client (USA), January 2015


“The staff really enjoyed working with Mary. Everything was very easy but also very productive.”

– Nonprofit executive director (Lithuania), December 2012


“Concrete, always focused on the issue at hand, and offering step-by-step solutions to strategic problems, good easy to understand exercise.”

-Training participants (Norway), October 2011


“You made a terrific contribution; please know that it meant a great deal to students to have a global digital activist joining us and willing to share tools of the trade.”

-Training funder (USA), April 2011


“[My favorite part was] Mary’s presentation on media outreach. It was interesting, clear, helpful and excellently conducted.”

-Training participant (USA), October 2009


“Thanks, Mary, it was very enriching and I am sure to share what I have learned… in order to lead our nonprofit’s work in the right direction.”

“This training was very interactive and it pushed participants to create and produce, which is amazing!”

-Training participants (Morocco), January 2009